Cylindrical Gears

Cylindrical gears are often made of metal, but cylindrical gears also can be made of other materials, for example plastic.Cylindricla gears main object is to transfer energy between two rotating shafts. You can also change rotation speed (gear ratio) with gears. A small gear driving a bigger gear gives you a lower rpm and vice versa. With the torque it is the other way around.

Cylindriska kugghjul

We offer you cylindrical gears with straight teeth. That is the teeth are parallell with the centre of the gears.

Cylindrical gears with helical teeth. The teeth are angled towards the centre of the gear.

Cylindrical gear according to our clients drawings or standard gears that can be ajdusted according to the clients desires.

Cylindrical gears with our without heat treatment.. Cylindrical gears with nitride hardening, case hardening etc.

Cylindrical gears with different kinds of teeth profile.

Cylindrical gears with external or external teeth (or both).